Watkins & Shepard appreciates your service


We are proud to hire our military veterans, Reservist and National Guard members. As long as you have a Class A Commercial Driver's License we can get you working without private sector driving experience.

For Reserve and Guard Troops

  • We'll get you home for weekend drill and annual training — no vacation time required 
  • Extended benefits if deployed for up to 18 months 
  • Watkins & Shepard will work with you to accommodate your military commitments and we guarantee you’ll have a place with us when your call of duty is fulfilled.

Just received your CDL

If you converted your Military CDL to a Civilian CDL or just went to a school to receive it,  we can get you on the road solo in just two weeks without having to spend weeks out with a trainer.

We know that you have the skills to drive. We will put you in a two week onsite training class to make sure you have the information needed to run over the road and meet the D.O.T requirements.

At the end of the two weeks you will be assigned a truck and dispatched as a solo driver.


Over 26% of our fleet have served or are serving in the military